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Excalibur Las Vegas

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Rental Rates for Hotel and Residential in Excalibur Las Vegas

All equipment deliveries within 12 miles of Scootaround Las Vegas are free, including to the Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

Rent a Scooter or Wheelchair: Excalibur Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Planning a visit to the enchanting Excalibur Las Vegas but concerned about getting around? Fear not. Scootaround can empower your journey with top-tier Excalibur scooter rental and wheelchair rental services, ensuring nothing stands between you and a magical Vegas experience.

Embark on an adventure through the medieval-themed wonder of Excalibur Las Vegas with ease and comfort, thanks to our wide range of mobility solutions. From the thrilling casino floor to spectacular shows and exquisite dining options, our reliable scooters and wheelchairs ensure you won't miss a moment. Reservations are easy – simply book online or give us a quick phone call and your mobility aid will await you upon arrival.

Experience the full splendor of Excalibur Las Vegas without the worry of mobility issues holding you back. Scootaround is dedicated to providing you with the freedom to explore all corners of this iconic hotel and casino, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free visit.

Curious about the cost of rentals? Check out the table above for pricing information. For additional insights on enhancing your stay at the Excalibur Las Vegas Hotel and Resort, continue reading for our tips on accessibility and must-see attractions.

Excalibur Las Vegas Scooter Rentals

Excalibur Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Information


What is the best mobility scooter model to rent for the Excalibur Las Vegas?

Explore Excalibur Hotel and Casino and the vibrant Las Vegas Strip effortlessly by using our Standard or Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter models. With their extended driving range, you can traverse the cityscape all day without worrying about recharging. Alternatively, if you plan to transport your scooter in a car or taxi, our Transportable or Transportable HD Scooter options offer convenience with their easy disassembly for portability and storage.

Rest assured, Excalibur Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is designed with wheelchair accessibility in mind, ensuring a comfortable experience regardless of the scooter model you choose. Give us a call at 1-888-441-7575, and we'll ensure your mobility needs are met for a seamless Vegas adventure!

What is the best wheelchair to rent for the Excalibur Las Vegas?

Selecting the perfect wheelchair for your experience at Excalibur Hotel and Casino depends on the user’s physical capabilities and strength. For those with strong upper body strength, a Standard Wheelchair might be the best choice. This option allows users to navigate independently by manually propelling themselves using the rear wheels, providing freedom and ease of mobility.

For individuals needing extra support, the Heavy Duty or Bariatric Wheelchair could offer a better fit, accommodating a wider range of body types comfortably. Conversely, if the user possesses limited upper body strength, opting for a Transport Chair is advisable. This type of chair, characterized by its smaller wheels, requires assistance from a friend, family member, or caregiver for movement.

To ensure you select the ideal wheelchair for your visit, please reach out to our rental experts at 1-888-441-7575 for personalized advice!

Does Scootaround provide free delivery to the Excalibur Hotel and Casino?

Absolutely, Scootaround is pleased to offer FREE delivery to all locations within a 12-mile radius of our Scootaround Las Vegas warehouse, which includes the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. This service ensures that your mobility equipment is waiting for you upon arrival, making your travel experience as seamless and convenient as possible. Plus, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to assist with any questions or needs you might have about your rental.

Planning Your Mobility Needs at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino

Excalibur Las Vegas is a prime example of a destination striving to ensure accessibility for all guests, including those using wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The resort is equipped with a variety of features designed to make every stay comfortable and enjoyable for visitors with mobility needs. This includes wheelchair-accessible pathways, elevators to navigate between floors easily, and accessible seating in showrooms and dining areas.

Scootaround, as the leading provider of mobility enhancement equipment in Las Vegas, facilitates accessibility at the Excalibur Hotel by offering convenient 7-day-a-week rental services, ensuring that guests have the necessary equipment to explore all that the hotel and casino have to offer. Equipment can be delivered directly to the Excalibur, so it's ready for use upon your arrival, adding ease to your travel experience.

Moreover, Excalibur has taken measures to include ADA-compliant accommodations in its design, featuring rooms equipped with roll-in showers, grab bars, and sufficient space for maneuverability. The casino floor, restaurants, and other amenities are also designed to be accessible, ensuring that guests using mobility aids can enjoy their visit without barriers. With these thoughtful accommodations, Excalibur Las Vegas stands out as a welcoming and inclusive destination for travelers requiring mobility assistance.

Accessible Attractions at the Excalibur Hotel

Las Vegas, often hailed as the ultimate playground for entertainment and excitement, has been drawing crowds from around the globe since the 1950s. With a commitment to inclusivity, the city has made remarkable strides in becoming more accessible, ensuring that all visitors, including those who depend on mobility devices, can fully immerse themselves in the vibrant attractions it has to offer. Nestled within this neon-lit paradise, Excalibur Hotel and Casino stands out with its medieval theme and modern accommodations, offering a selection of accessible attractions that promise fun and adventure for everyone. Here are three accessible attractions at Excalibur that are sure to make your Las Vegas experience unforgettable:

  • Castle-Themed Casino: Excalibur Las Vegas boasts a magnificent casino spanning over 100,000 square feet, offering an enchanting medieval-themed gaming experience. From classic slot machines to exhilarating table games, the casino caters to every gaming enthusiast's desires. Accessible pathways wind seamlessly through the gaming area, restrooms, and restaurants, ensuring wheelchair users can enjoy the thrill of the casino floor without barriers.

  • Tournament of Kings: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of medieval times with a visit to the renowned Tournament of Kings dinner show at Excalibur Las Vegas. Witness epic battles, jousting tournaments, and majestic steeds while feasting on a hearty meal fit for royalty. The theater offers wheelchair-accessible seating and companion seats upon request, ensuring everyone can partake in this unforgettable spectacle.

  • Excalibur Statue: Standing proudly in the heart of the resort's lobby is a towering statue of King Arthur's legendary sword, Excalibur. Symbolizing bravery, honor, and adventure, this iconic statue serves as a captivating centerpiece, conveniently accessible for both wheelchair and scooter users.

Maximize your Las Vegas adventure by securing a wheelchair or scooter rental ahead of your visit. Reach out to us at 1-888-441-7575 or send an email to [email protected] for assistance and ensure you don't miss out on any of the excitement.

Parking at the Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas

Parking at the Excalibur Las Vegas ensures that guests with mobility needs are well accommodated, offering ample disabled parking spaces conveniently located near the entrances. To utilize these spaces, a valid government-issued accessibility parking permit is required. Nevada recognizes disability parking permits from other states and countries, so there's no need to apply for a temporary permit when visiting.

Excalibur Las Vegas Attractions: Insider Mobility Information


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Rental Rates for Hotel and Residential in Excalibur Las Vegas

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