The Scootaround Story – Mobility Scooters for All

It is through a reaction born out of caring that the greatest solutions come to life. Scootaround began in a similar way, by a loving daughter whose father needed a mobility device for a family vacation. That is how North America’s leading personal transportation solutions company – Scootaround – came to life and made scooter rentals available across the nation.

Scootaround Story

How Mobility Scooter Rentals Were Born

Over 22 years ago, Scootaround’s founder, Lee Meagher, and her family went to Hawaii and assumed a mobility scooter would be available for rent while away. However, much to their disappointment, they couldn’t find scooter rentals anywhere. At this moment, Lee saw a gap in the market. She recognized that there was likely a large number of people across the world who struggled with the lack of rental service for mobility devices, making vacations more difficult and taking away from what should otherwise be a happy and comfortable experience. These thoughts inspired Lee to build Scootaround, one happy customer at a time. Over 20 years later, Scootaround now offers mobility rentals, sales, and repair services for scooters, wheelchairs, powerchairs, and rollators at 2,500 locations across North America and Europe. In 2018 Scootaround partnered with a design innovator, WHILL Inc., to provide more mobility options for users across the globe.

Scooter Rentals Across the Nation

Personal independence and freedom are what everyone desires and deserves. Scootaround makes this possible for people with limited mobility –we’re helping change the way people live, driven by the mission to support them in their pursuit of living an empowered life. Whether it’s a cruise or a destination wedding, everyone deserves to enjoy the moment they’re in without depending on another person. With offices located across multiple locations in North America, our team is connected by this thread of passion – the drive to help someone in need, to fix someone’s mobility device faster than they expected, to deliver a mobility scooter in mint condition before an event, and to offer the best support possible.

Scootaround works closely with travel companies, airlines, and cruise lines to provide much-needed personal transportation solutions for traveling customers across the globe. We offer convenient and hassle-free scooter rental services so that if you go on a vacation anywhere, you can ensure you’re still able to travel long distances and traverse rough terrains without any discomfort.

Mobility Scooter Sales – We Know Scooters

Scootaround has an online store where you can easily browse and purchase the product of your choice. This includes a large selection of mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, lift chairs, and more! Check out our Rental Certified devices, start with our equipment finder to narrow down the search, or browse our Buyer's Guides. You can also speak with one of Scootaround’s knowledgeable customer care professionals if you want help finding the right product. Products ship directly to your doorstep!

Traveling With Mobility Devices – We Make It Stress-Free

Scootaround also provides mobility equipment repair services for some of the world’s largest airlines. Scootaround’s vision of providing mobility services across the world will revolutionize the way people with limited mobility travel, helping them maintain their quality of life without the need to sacrifice their independence to travel anywhere they want.

With the current limitations on travel and in some cases even leaving our homes due to COVID-19, most of our day to day lives have changed. Friends and families are keeping their distance, especially from the elderly that are more susceptible to the virus. In some cases that means that those with limited mobility can find themselves without the extra needed assistance they may have come to rely on. We are thankful that we can continue to provide the freedom and independence everyone deserves. If you or a loved one is struggling with mobility in smaller indoor spaces we have several mobility options that can help.

Would you like to know more about Scootaround or the services we offer? Contact us via email or call 1-888-441-7575 and we will be happy to answer all your questions. 

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